Storage Charges

Storage charges accrue on a monthly basis and are invoiced quarterly in arrears. The invoice includes insurance at full replacement value; this charge is listed as a separate item on invoices. Quarterly charges detail each month’s number of units held. Clients are only charged for the months in which their stocks are stored with us, full month charge in month of receipt, no charge in month of release. Reduced cellarage rates apply for more than 75 and 150 units.

Our cellarage rates are now calculated on a pro-rata basis per litre dependent upon the actual size of the outer case. Therefore, for example, the charge for a six-bottle case is exactly half that of a 12-bottle case. Additionally, large format units are charged according to their volume. For example, a 3-litre bottle will equate to four times the single bottle (75cl) rate.

These storage rates are effective from 1st May 2024 and are fixed until 30th June 2026.



From May 2024, insurance is charged separately, rather than wrapped up in the cellarage charge. Insurance is charged at £1.32 inc. VAT per unit per annum.

Large formats and cases of half bottles are also charged on a pro-rata basis by the litre at rates that correspond directly to those above.

Direct Debit payments

For clients wishing to settle their quarterly cellarage and insurance charges by Direct Debit, this is facilitated via Go Cardless and takes just a few minutes to complete. Click here to set up a Direct Debit for Cellarage and Insurance Charges.

Direct Debit payments are processed quarterly, ten business days following the invoicing of cellarage and insurance charges. GoCardless is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorised Payment Institution. You have the right to cancel your direct debit at any time.

Delivery Charges

Our deliveries are managed by London City Bond. LCB have decades of experience in handling and delivering fine wine. Our current costs are:

Deliveries to private addresses: £18.00 inc. VAT for deliveries subject to geographical location and volume being less than ten cases.

Transfers to other UK bonded warehouses and shippers: £18.00 inc. VAT and volume being less than five cases. Larger volume deliveries are recharged at Atlas’ cost.