Our Sourcing Policy

Our sourcing policy is underpinned by our ethos.

Knowledge, experience and unbiased insight inform the choice of wines that we present in our regular email offers. We aim to taste all wines as a team and discuss the merits and potential value. Such wines will be sourced either direct from the producer or via a UK or European agent with a reputation thus ensuring good provenance and condition.

For wines offered on a one-to-one basis, we will only buy from producers, suppliers, agents and merchants whom we have rigorously vetted and with whom we have built strong relationships. This gives us access to outstanding fine wines of perfect provenance.

Atlas will also source wines on demand for current and new clients. If you are looking for a wine that we do not currently list on our website, please contact us. If we can find the wine for you, we will, subject to our usual due diligence on provenance and condition.

Many wines are offered and sold before they have physically arrived in LCB Eton Park. We aim to ship within ninety days either directly or via one of a number of professional storage hubs across Europe at which we have an account and an established relationship.