Atlas can provide an independent consultancy service to parties requiring advice on starting a private collection or on valuating one that has been built up with another provider in the market. It is a service that may benefit private individuals, family offices and corporate entities.

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Our Independent Consultancy

Atlas offers an independent consultancy service which satisfies a wide range of client requirements. It could be that a client wishes to start a collection or fill a cellar and is unsure how to begin. Alternatively, a client may have a collection, built by another merchant, that they wish to have evaluated, qualitatively and/or financially. It is understandable that clients may wish to have independent due diligence carried out on an extensive portfolio of wine, particularly if they harbour concerns about the current provider. In an unregulated market such as fine wine, not every provider works to Atlas’ exacting standards, and, consequently, we have assessed wine collections that have not been fit for purpose. These may include wines sold to the client at inflated prices or wines that were never likely to accrue significant value. Some clients have simply accumulated a collection of wines themselves without having established clear objectives, and therefore would welcome expert guidance to set goals and reconfigure their collection. Others may have even inherited a wine collection and are uncertain how to take it forward and/or are looking for an accurate valuation. Our consultancy service is designed to address any of these requirements, and has been used by private individuals, family offices and corporate entities. 

For Existing Collectors

For existing collections, Atlas’ senior advisors will value the portfolio using Liv-ex Market Price data and our own expert market knowledge. We will verify purchase prices where date of purchase is known, to ensure the client paid a market accurate price. Following assessment, we will highlight any issues or anomalies in the form of a comprehensive written report. Following discussion, we will establish a strategy and list action points to take the portfolio forwards. If you are interested in this service and would like to arrange a call or meeting with one of our senior advisors, please contact us. Fees for this service will vary in accordance with the size of the portfolio in question. Please note, we will always provide a fixed quotation before undertaking any chargeable work. Should you choose to use Atlas’ services going forwards, such as cellarage, buying or selling, we will consider waiving the costs of assessment.

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