Help & FAQs

Buying Fine Wines

What is Atlas’ sourcing policy?

Do I need an account with Atlas to purchase wine?

Can I purchase wine before it is released by the producer?

What does an "Expression Of Interest" mean as an order type?

What does buying wine “In Bond” mean?

Can I purchase wine in bond without having to store it with Atlas?

What is Atlas’ pricing and delivery policy?

If my order is a gift, can I add a personalised message?

I am shopping for someone else or a group of people but not sure what to buy them, can Atlas assist?  

What is your refund policy for single bottles?

Wine Storage

Can I store my wines with Atlas?

I am storing wines elsewhere, can I consolidate my reserves with Atlas?

Where are my wines stored with Atlas?

What are your storage charges and when do I receive those invoices? 

How do I pay for cellarage invoices?

Managing Your Atlas Account

How do I view my online account? 

How do I settle a recent invoice?

Atlas Consultancy & Broking Services

What is Atlas Consultancy Service?

How do I broker wine through Atlas?

How can I find out about attending a wine tasting with Atlas? 

I am interested in hosting a corporate or private event, can Atlas assist?

How do I sell my wine via Atlas?

What are Atlas Terms of service?