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Market Updates

We are pleased to introduce our new Weekly Market Update.  Rather than focus on our larger, more in-depth market reports, we have decided to concentrate on bringing you more timely commentary on a more regular basis via these refreshingly short, one page documents. As ever, you can respond to this email or call any member of the Atlas Team with questions or comments. 


Post Brexit Boom?

In a recent blog, Liv-ex commented that the fine wine market was enjoying a post Brexit referendum boom. Certainly, trade has retained momentum after the conclusion of the decidedly mixed Bordeaux 2015 en primeur campaign. To date the various Liv-ex indices have shown solid gains, with the Liv-ex 50 (First Growth) up 10.30% to the end of June, and reportedly having leaped another impressive 6%+ in July alone. Most...

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Market Report - Issue VIII

For this issue of the Market Report, we have chosen to focus on the Bordeaux market exclusively. It is Bordeaux that is currently making the headlines for all the wrong reasons; but equally, as many commentators agree, it is Bordeaux that needs to stabilise and then regain ground for the market truly to recover. In the following articles, we assess the current state of the market, review recent developments and co...

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Market Report - Issue VII

As everyone has penned their end of year round ups, I wanted to take this chance to summarise too, but more importantly to consider the prospects for this year. This issue of the Market Report will highlight some of the key points to emerge in 2013 and consider the potential offered by 2014.

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Market Report - Issue VI

In commenting on the market over the last few months, it is worth dividing the commentary into two sections; Bordeaux and ‘The Rest’ as the fortunes of different sections of the market have fared completely differently. It would appear that we are witnessing a broadening of the market. As Mike Veseth recently commented in an interesting article on, if this ‘recent trend to expand ...

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Market Report - Issue V

Undoubtedly 2012 was a year of turbulence for the fine wine market as much as any other. While many commentators expected a correction of some sort, the scope and degree were unforeseen. The chart for the Liv-ex 100 – a broad index principally...

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Market Report - Issue IV

The fine wine market has continued to edge lower despite showing early year signs of stabilising. All of the leading Liv-ex indices, the most cited source of detail on market performance, have shown a fall since the beginning of the year. Whilst...

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