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Market Updates

We are pleased to introduce our new Weekly Market Update.  Rather than focus on our larger, more in-depth market reports, we have decided to concentrate on bringing you more timely commentary on a more regular basis via these refreshingly short, one page documents. As ever, you can respond to this email or call any member of the Atlas Team with questions or comments. 


Tracking Trends

It is clear that Bordeaux dominates the fine wine market and the leading Liv-ex indices. This is due to numerous factors including a healthy volume of trade that provides liquidity and the ability to track price more easily. Outside of Bordeaux, tracking prices is a trickier exercise. Regions such as Burgundy benefit from considerable demand for leading wines, but even here price tracking is not straight-forward a...

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Out of the Foothills?

The Liv-ex 50 closed last Friday on 313.51 and is still rising beyond the monthly close [Fig 1]. Trade in August has remained buoyant and, as mentioned in my Bloomberg interview last week, the larger part of this buoyancy is due to overseas purchasing of UK-based stock. It is not surprising to see this occur given the increased purchasing power for US, Asian or Euro-based buyers. Across the summer months there has...

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First Growths at Forefront

All the main Liv-ex indices made good gains last month with the Liv-ex 50 leading the charge. This index, which is reported on a daily basis, solely focuses on the five Bordeaux First Growth (vintages 2003 to 2013—the 10 most recent, physically available vintages). It  has surged ahead this year as the graph to the right shows, which details the performance of each Château since the market low bac...

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Value up, volume down, re-focus?

Of all the Liv-ex Indices, it is those that are driven by Bordeaux that are showing the greatest gains YTD; exceeding even the Burgundy 150, which is 12.11% up YTD.
Value only tells part of the story as the volumes of Bordeaux traded on Liv-ex have declined since a peak in 2010 of over 95% to just under 75% of reported trade currently. The chart to the right shows Bordeaux’s decline (right axis) vs. al...

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Post Brexit Boom?

In a recent blog, Liv-ex commented that the fine wine market was enjoying a post Brexit referendum boom. Certainly, trade has retained momentum after the conclusion of the decidedly mixed Bordeaux 2015 en primeur campaign. To date the various Liv-ex indices have shown solid gains, with the Liv-ex 50 (First Growth) up 10.30% to the end of June, and reportedly having leaped another impressive 6%+ in July alone. Most...

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Market Report - Issue VIII

For this issue of the Market Report, we have chosen to focus on the Bordeaux market exclusively. It is Bordeaux that is currently making the headlines for all the wrong reasons; but equally, as many commentators agree, it is Bordeaux that needs to stabilise and then regain ground for the market truly to recover. In the following articles, we assess the current state of the market, review recent developments and co...

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